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I have now tried to place an order with them THREE times. On each occasion, they charged my credit card and then one day later sent me an email saying that my order had been cancelled because of some nonsense about how it was for my safety because "they could not verify my billing/shipping address".

I then had to wait up to 7 days for the money they had charged to be returned to my card!

After this first time that this occurred, I called my bank and confirmed with them that the shipping/billing addresses I was entering matched their records and that the transaction was going through fine on their end. I assumed there must just be some random thing happening with that card and tried to replace the order with a different card. The same issue happened--and again my bank had no idea why! I called customer service, and they explained to me that they have some computer system that automatically verifies billing/shipping addresses and that they would send the order to accounting to be reviewed by an actual human.

The representative assured me that I would NOT be charged a third time for the order by sending it to accounting. Of course, the next day my card WAS charged again, followed by yet another "your order has been cancelled" email. Customer service was wildly unhelpful, refusing to take accountability for their error in charging my card for a third time expressly against my wishes. They simply said "the money will be returned to your card in about 4 business days".

LOL ok, but that doesn't really help me because now I am out $1500 for the next week with nothing to show for it! Customer service also refused to provide a reason for why the orders were failing, giving fishy and illogical anecdotes and saying it was "for my own privacy" that they could not give any information out about why an order was cancelled ever. When I asked to speak to someone from the accounting department, they refused saying "the accounting department does not accept phone calls."

This company is quite obviously a scam. They are taking customers' credit card info, checking to make sure that info is accurate by charging an order to the card, and then immediately cancelling the order and refusing to provide information why.

Who knows what they will do with my credit card information now? I suspect sell it.

I now get to replace both credit cards that I used with this company. STAY AWAY!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 10810 Farnam Dr, Omaha, NE 68154, USA

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